Hands Off My Guns and Hands Off My Constitution!

Hands off my gun and hands off my Constitution

It’s no secret that the movement to alter the Second Amendment and ultimately rid the United States of guns has been in full force the past few years. With an increase in mass shootings and psychopaths gaining considerable media coverage, the liberals are blaming the hysteria on an inanimate object. With this reasoning, they are essentially claiming that a gun, and non-living, cold metal rod, possesses the magical powers to entice citizens to open fire on an Elementary School.

These mass shootings are undoubtedly alarming and terrible. But, what these mass shootings signify is the increase in mentally unstable and sick individuals in our society. These sicknesses need to be addressed, and removing guns from homes in our country is not the fix. The only result that will yield is an undefended population against anarchy, war, invasion, and most importantly, terrorism.

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Hands Off My Guns and Hands Off My Constitution!.



Christian Patriots

“We’re just trying to send a message to the Legislative assembly that we won’t tolerate any encroachment on our liberties”

Several demonstrators carrying semi-automatic rifles joined a rally outside the Oregon Capitol Monday organized by opponents of legislation they say would limit their constitutional rights.

The Heirs of Patrick Henry, Northwest organized the rally and urged activists to lobby legislators afterwards.

“We’re just trying to send a message to the Legislative assembly that we won’t tolerate any encroachment on our liberties,” said Casey Runyan, an organizer with the group.

In advance of the rally, the Oregon State Police set up checkpoints at the entrance to screen people for weapons upon entering the Capitol. Large signs outside reminded demonstrators that only people with concealed handgun licenses can carry firearms into the Capitol.

Written by Jeff Mapes- The Oregonian/OregonLive
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